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Employer Brand Leadership


by Brett Minchington MBA

ISBN: 978-0-646-53648-4

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Over 300 pages of Employer Branding Best Practice including 9 Global Case Studies from the World's most published author on employer branding, Brett Minchington.

Another outstanding book on employer branding by Brett Minchington! Nothing has been left out - great case studies and the tools and frameworks included are an excellent management training resource.
Els van de Water, Senior HR Manager, Microsoft

A must read! Easy to read. Engaging. Inspiring. Practical. Thoughtful. Inclusive.  I read it in 2 days and am reading it again! I was inspired by the linkages you made to the corporate brand and the importance of departments cross-functionally working to create a fantastic employee experience from pre-hire to retire.  Every C-level leader should read it to understand the importance of a strong employer brand and EVP to the organization.

Kat Drum, Manager, Social Networks and Employer Brand Programs at Research In Motion & Former Global Employer Brand Manager, Starbucks

Employer Brand Leadership is a practical “How-to” guide to develop and implement an employer branding strategy.  By drawing on examples from many different countries, it creates the “global perspective” of its sub-title, offering broad insight that is applicable in multi-national environments.   Its holistic perspective positions employer branding within the broader organisational framework and gives sound advice for practitioners to engage with other stakeholders.   I highly recommend this book to everyone who is interested in employer branding.
Nicole Brower, Manager, Human Resources, Deloitte

'This book is more than just a HR handbook. If you're serious about attracting and retaining the best people, it's a must read.  Brett's book guides you through the new world of building the best team for your organisation. You'll never go back to old HR principles again - this is the future of people management.'

Annie Flannagan, General Manager, BBB

Hi Brett - brief email to say I loved the book, of particular note was the master brand concept!  Love it (particularly with my marketing background).  The case studies at the back are great as are the diverse range of examples, tips and strategies on employer branding presented in the book.
Melina Lipkiewicz,  Randstad

Employer Brand Leadership by Brett Minchington is an intuitive, practical users guide to developing and leveraging your employer brand and creating a compelling case for the brightest and the best to join your organisation.
Nathan Callaghan, Head of People Resourcing, People & Culture, World Vision Australia

"It has been an amazing journey watching the passion that Brett Minchington displays when it comes to Employer Branding. Brett has had many unique opportunities to address leaders across various businesses around the world with a common interest; to be a great employer. Brett has found a niche in the market that has attracted the interest and engaged global brands to collaboratively address employer branding at an International level -  this book takes employer branding to a whole new level.
Kelli Dienhoff, Strategic Markets Manager, Adecco Middle East

The follow up book to Your Employer Brand Attract, Engage, Retain, 'EMPLOYER BRAND LEADERSHIP - A Global Perspective' defines a practical approach to building a world class employer brand from concept to design, to organisation wide integration, to measuring your return on investment.

Sharing the best insights from his Employer Brand Global Tour where he has shared best practice and trained thousands of managers in more than 30 cities in 20 countries, Brett's new book, 'EMPLOYER BRAND LEADERSHIP - A Global Perspective'  is a practical management resource for leaders at all levels and includes frameworks, models, tools, strategies and tips to assist you to lead your employer brand strategy.

The art and science of employer branding has been embraced by leaders of top companies around the world and the role of the employer brand leader is growing in importance as a way to strategically manage a company's ability to attract, engage and retain talent. This book will ensure your focus is guided in the right direction and provides key learnings from 9 global case studies of top companies who have journeyed down the employer brand strategy path before, saving you time, energy and investment.

The book includes global research findings from organisations such as Gallup, McKinsey & Co and features Employer Brand International's Global Research Studies including, 'EBI Employer Branding Global Research Study,'  “Optimising the value of your intangible assets through leveraging your brand portfolio (employer, consumer and corporate brands)” and “Influencers of employment choice.”


The book features previously unseen world's best practice employer branding global case studies from companies including Philips, IBM, Deloitte, UnitedHeath Group, BASF, Sodexo, Intuit, Australia Wine Research Institute and Vestas Wind Systems. The key learnings from these companies will ensure you focus your resources to achieve the best return on your investment.

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'EMPLOYER BRAND LEADERSHIP - A Global Perspective'  details how HR, Marketing and Communications functions are being transformed to deliver an employee experience that leads to higher levels of engagement resulting in a superior customer experience and improved shareholder returns.

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