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Influencers of Employment Choice

Global Research Study
by Employer Brand International
CD-ROM Edition

Some questions to consider in your talent attraction strategy:

  • What influences a person to join your company over another?
  • Which attributes of the employment experience are most attractive to promote to your target audience in your recruitment communications?
  • Does your company need a segmented and targeted approach for your communications or does a 'one size fits all' approach still work these days?

The Employer Brand International 'Influencers of Employment Choice' Global Research Study investigates the "Influencers of Employment Choice," specifically which of 15 employer brand attributes have the strongest influence on why employees choose to join an organisation over another.

The report includes global segmented results for region, gender, age, organisation type, position levels and employment tenure. The findings will assist to guide your company's talent attraction strategies and Employer Value Proposition (EVP) positioning strategies.
$199.00 AUD
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